Las Vegas based, multi faceted musician Ryan Lofty makes his solo debut with The Mountain– a slice of tropical house heaven that’s making major waves. Even after a single release it’s evident that Ryan Lofty is poised to make quite a name for himself in the world of EDM.Audio Aquarium

The Mountain is undeniably catchy, radio friendly and built for the sunkissed loved-up masses. I’ve only listened to it 3 times and already it is sounding like this summer’s soundtrack. – MP3hugger

As an entirety, tropical house delivers the laid-back style of electronica that should massively be applauded, and newcomer Ryan Lofty has added another string to this bow. If all first-stabs were as impressive as this (and emitted similar quality), then the music world would be a stark contrast to its current self.Stagedoor FM

Kicking off Ryan Lofty’s first solo venture, The Mountain (feat. Bonx) features the best of 2015’s uplifting summer sounds (see: Kygo, Avicii), live instrument performances, and top-notch production. The tropical house track was released independently Tuesday May 19 and received over 40k plays on Soundcloud in the first week (50k+ on all channels and reposts) and multiple expressions of interest for sync on national TV.

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A lifelong musician, Lofty has written and performed since the tender age of thirteen. With over 40 hours of unreleased tracks on his hard drive he’s often asked why it took so long to release a collection of music to the public.

“I had to quit all the bands I was in and focus on myself. I’ve spent almost every day of the last six months in the studio and I feel like I have finally created a unique sound that will be the identity behind my releases this year.”

Prior to launching as a solo artist Lofty toured as a hired drummer with indie-electronic duo Bestfriends, played bass with Chicago garage rock band CELLRS, and performed as a session musician (trumpet, keys) on many artist albums including Watsky‘s latest release All You Can Do which reached #1 on iTunes Hip Hop charts.

At the end of 2014 Lofty made the move from LA to Las Vegas to open a recording studio where he produces for commercial clients and regularly invites fellow songwriters to collaborate on new music.

The Mountain features my long-time friend and songwriting partner Bianca Minniti (aka. Bonx). While everyone will draw their own meaning from it, the song was written as a celebration of our successes so far in 2015. There have been many people in our lives who have told us to give up and move on, this song is an anthem for everyone who chooses to create their own path.”

Ryan Lofty is positioned to be a pool party playlist favorite with one mix and one original vocal single set for release every month this summer. Keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

More information about Ryan Lofty including MP3s, images, and extended bio available on Dropbox here.


Produced by Ryan Lofty
Written by Ryan Lofty and Bianca Minniti
Mastering by Ben Lindell, EMW Music Group


I’ve been drinkin’ from the waterfall
Listenin’ to the current as it calls my name
Maybe this could be our destiny
One day we’ll become the trees
And we can be the same

Tower over the mountain
Wild hearts on high
Tower over the mountian
Scream into the sky

Heard an echo from the mountain breeze
And I swear the voice is telling me to disappear
You can leave behind a legacy
If you fly away with me
You’ll rid the world of fear

Tower over the mountain
Wild hearts on high
Tower over the mountian
Scream into the sky

I’m living my own everlasting story
I watch the seasons come and go
I did it my own way and now I’m soaring
I’ve never felt this high before

Tower over the mountain
Wild hearts on high
Tower over the mountian
Scream into the sky


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