Review from Stagedoor FM

Whilst we’ve always been clear our stance toward ‘EDM’ (and the fact it’s not a feature of choice for Stagedoor FM), occasionally one or two tracks seep through the net that are often so strong they’re almost impossible to ignore. Predominately, these descend from ‘tropical house’, a genre that has massively-captivated us over the past couple of years (thanks, in part, to the likes of Kygo and Sam Feldt, amongst others) – as an entirety, tropical house delivers the laid-back style of electronica that should massively be applauded, and newcomer Ryan Lofty has added another string to this bow.

The Las Vegas-based DJ/producer has teamed up with Bonx for his delightful debut, The Mountain, a silky-smooth track that’s enriched with summery, sun-kissed vibes. If all first-stabs were as impressive as this (and emitted similar quality), then the music world would be a stark contrast to its current self…we’re excited to hear what else Lofty has in store.

– Wayne Baxter, Stagedoor FM


Review from Tranzitions Radio

…this is a VERY accomplished tropical house track, I have listened to countless TH tracks on Soundcloud and this is way above average. The audio identity is very strong in the track, which of course is vital to gain a following, and all the elements marry well with the vocals to create an emotive, expansive journey which easily carries the listener across the three and a half minutes or so of its course.

– Nik Peltekakis, Tranzitions Radio (Greece)

Review from Audio Aquarium


Las Vegas based, multi faceted musician Ryan Lofty makes his solo debut with “The Mountain” – a slice of tropical house heaven that’s making major waves. Silky smooth production builds gracefully around powerful vocals from long-time friend and songwriting partner Bianca Minniti (aka Bonx). The marriage of the instrumental and vocals sits perfectly, propelling the song forward with natural balance. Even after a single release it’s evident that Ryan Lofty is poised to make quite a name for himself in the world of EDM.

– J Freshwater, Audio Aquarium


Review from MP3 Hugger

This seems like a very clever collective of two. And by this I mean that they are thinking about how to get their music into the right places instead of the traditional approach of bcc it out to all and sundry on a wing and a prayer. Their song ‘The Mountain’ is undeniably catchy, radio friendly and built for the sunkissed loved-up masses. The best thing though is that it is not in the least bit irritating, in fact if I weren’t suffering from football cramp I’d be bouncing on the mattress in the master bedroom such is its frothy disposition. ‘The Mountain’ hits so many melodic bases it will likely have a broad audience but is blessed of an individual personality to ensure it also infiltrates the underground. I’ve only listened to it 3 times and already it is sounding like this summer’s soundtrack. ‘The Mountain’ is currently a free download so I’d expect the mp3 to go forth and multiply at an alarming rate.

– Kevin Hugger, MP3 Hugger

Review from Sneaky Good Music

Ryan Lofty, a new DJ from Vegas, brings us our choice for Tropical Tuesday. With only one mix and one song, it’s great to find someone like this who states in his bio that he’ll have a “New mix + new song every month this summer!”.

Coming right in with the vocals from Bonx, Lofty keeps it soft in the background to focus on Bonx. Once her verse is over, he has a strictly-instrumental only breakdown, where he brings the tropical vibes we’ve been waiting for. Some filtered vocal samples, a funky drum beat, and some tropical synths get the feel across well. After the breakdown, Bonx is back and belts it out even more the second time around, bringing some soul to the tropics of the track.

– Sneaky Good Music