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Had a great chat with Insomniac this weekend, I don’t usually get this personal but it felt good to tell my story. Thanks to everyone who came out to the SXSW and Beyond Wonderland! While he has been categorized under the tropical house umbrella and has been compared to Kygo and Thomas Jack, Ryan’s sound is so much more than … Read More

GDE Reviews Tourists from the Future

Front page of GDE: RYAN LOFTY DISINTEGRATES THE BOUNDARIES WITH HIS ALBUM TOURISTS FROM THE FUTURE The Troubadour Megastructure Stage at Life is Beautiful was backdropped with a blood red sky as Vegas Producer Ryan Lofty hit the decks after walking right accross the street to the gig from home. From there, a legion of new followers funneled in and … Read More

EARMILK reviews Tourists from the Future

Las Vegas based producer Ryan Lofty seemed to burst onto the scene with his airy style of future synth pop, promoting nothing but good vibes. His debut album was just released and if you’re craving warm weather, this is the launching point you’ve been looking for this season. Titled Tourists from the Future, there’s certainly a distinctly spacey thread running … Read More

The Audiologist reviews Tourists from the Future

It’s hard to slap a label on Ryan’s EP. It’s almost as if KYGO and M83 had a baby who was then raised by an R&B vocalist. Whatever it is, it’s good. – The Audiologist LINK TO FULL ARTICLE

Tourists from the Future – EDM Sauce Premiere

When Ryan Lofty burst on the scene last year with his summer series tracks, I was interested. When I got the chance to see him live at Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, I became captivated. What I did not know is that Lofty had a full album 2 years in the making waiting to be released to the … Read More