Oy Vey SXSW hype!!


Oy Vey SXSW Events usually host a healthy handful of weirdos, quirky rappers and backpacker crew — but in 2016, Kosha Dillz and friends are pushing the envelope further recruiting Kool Keith as Dr. Octagon to lay down a headlining set at Sledgehammer on Thursday March 17th. Allegedly his only SXSW performance of the weekend – the multi-monikered rapper said “I will not have a sledge hammer with me, but a gang of aliens will be accompany me.”

To accompany Keith, Kosha recruited not just himself – but rising hip-hop acts Sir The Baptist, Fat Tony and Ryan Lofty x Rich Jones. The latter offer the live premier (and only performance) of their debut project that features Chicago based vocalist Rich Jones crushing over Ryan Lofty‘s production to open up the night’s party with a 7:30 kick-off. You may recall the pair from their collaboration in 2015 – “Universe + Me.”

As one of the few official SXSW events that gets live music bumping before 8, we’re suggesting an early arrival to catch Ryan Lofty x Rich Jones. Rich Jones affiliations to The Social Experiment crew and Lofty’s rapidly rising status as a sought after tropical house producer and television composer make their collaboration a unique one that could pick up real steam.